Energy Report For April 18, 2016


So much is happening energetically that we can no longer deny that change is here!Energy Report For April 18, 2016

We have had several really large Earthquakes over the last week, the largest being a 7.8 in Ecuador. The area that is being affected the worst, though, is Japan. There have been so many large quakes along one line, that they are expecting the island to split in two. Nevada is also experiencing a swarm of Quakes that demand watching.

After months of almost total quiet, the Sun released a large C Class Flare yesterday evening. Though the Coronal Mass Ejection is not Earth directed, we still feel it. The Coronal Hole near the sight that flared is shaped like a Heart, validating that we are being blasted with Love, so anything that is not Love will be brought to the surface to be healed.

There are around 40 Volcanoes erupting worldwide, which is unheard of.

Houston Texas and surrounding areas are flooding once again, said to be worse than the last flood they had.

On top of all of this, or maybe even a cause of all of this, Mars has begun it’s retrograde movement. There are 4 other planets preparing to begin their retrograde. When a planet retrogrades, it is similar to us spinning around, with all our weight on one foot as we spin. Similar to using our foot to smash something, the planet is spinning on top of us and weighing us down. Mars also represents change. Nothing can stay the same and we will never be the same again after the next several months.

CERN is also active, and some think it is linked to Flares and Earthquakes. We definitely feel it when it is active. HAARP is also active across most of the US.

With all of this energy being blasted at us, we are being forced to heal and release all that is holding us back. Emotions, issues and relationships are being brought to the surface to heal.

We must learn to BE LOVE. We can only do this by releasing ALL judgment, about ourselves, about others and about the energies. This is not easy to do, but do it we must so that we can begin to move more fully into the 4th Dimension.

We continue to release toxins from all of our bodies. The release of these toxins will be different for each of us, depending on our dominant emotions or issues. Some of us are releasing it through relationship drama, because we need to heal our relationships. Others are feeling like we have an urinary tract infection, because we have ‘pissed off’ emotions we need to deal with. Some are feeling it in the heart, so we can heal our emotions. It is important to pay attention to our symptoms so we know what in our life needs our attention.

The energies are throwing all of our systems out of balance – our electrolytes, hormones and nutrition. It is essential to drink lots of water. Adding 1/2 teaspoon of Sea or Himalayan Salt will help balance the electrolytes. A Salt bath or foot soak will help to release toxins. Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream will help to balance out our hormones, helping the restless leg and vibrating symptoms, as well as hot flashes. Magnesium and Potassium will help with muscle cramps. We also need extra Vitamins C, B12 and D3. Most of all, don’t forget to breathe deeply and often!

If you need help with your symptoms, I am available for a Heart and Soul Healing Session.


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