Energy Report For August 17, 2017 – Share The Love


Welcome beautiful beings to a Truthful, no fluff Energy Report! 


Angel Message for today:

You can fight against the energy or you can relax and flow with it. If you try to force your way through an obstacle,Energy Report For August 17, 2017 - Share The Love by Claudia McNeely you will be hindered and unable to move. If you become like water and peacefully flow where there is the least resistance, you will move easily and smoothly. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to simply flow.        


I am only doing short updates for the remainder of August, when there is something to report, so that we can focus only on Love.


Solar and Universal Energies:

The Sun released a long duration C Class Flare a couple of days ago, but the Coronal Mass Ejection was not aimed at Earth. The Sun Spot is now very quiet. A big thank you to whoever is doing that! Solar Winds have increased because of a large Coronal Hole that is still facing Earth. A Geomagnetic Storm started early this morning, and is continuing. Mercury has been Retrograde since Sunday. This article will explain what to expect for the next few weeks. Mercury will be helping us to make some painful changes this time, and even to grow up. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also Retrograde. Saturn will go back into direct motion in a couple of weeks. We are also between some powerful eclipses, where miracles can, and are happening, if we open up and allow them to happen.

The total eclipse of the Sun, the most powerful we have experienced in a long time, will occur on Monday. Though the Elite/Cabal is doing all they can to start a Civil War in the US, we cannot allow that to happen. The violence in Virginia last weekend, was supposed to start one, but thankfully, it did not occur the way they wanted it to. The Angels told me from the first time I saw her picture that Heather Heyer was not dead, and seeing the lack of grief in her Mother during the Eulogy has proven that. The driver of the car was a CIA operative, and someone said something about two cars being used. Join me in sending Angels and healing energy to all who were affected by the incident. Instead of that inciting more violence, all violence stopped. The next day the ‘Right’ held a Peace Rally, allowing anyone who wanted to take the microphone to say whatever they wanted, including Black Lives Matter. Oath Keepers were in attendance to keep peace. It seems Antifa was the most violent ones in attendance, probably paid by Soros to incite violence. They are trying to use this energy to move us to a negative timeline, but we must focus on Love so we will move to the positive timeline of Love and Peace.

David Wilcock and Corey Goode continue to be attacked. David’s breaks went out as he was going down the mountain near his home. Thankfully, he was not injured. Shortly before that, he was threatened that if he did not drop Corey Goode and stop talking about Antarctica that he would be attacked. Someone called CPS on Corey, saying he is a leader of a cult. Another of David’s intel people is having everything in his house confiscated, taken to the dump and destroyed. They even took his truck so he could not try to retrieve any of his belongings. None of this would be happening if they were not releasing information that the Elite/Cabal does not want released. David was on Jimmy Church Radio explaining it all last night. Please send protection to all of them.

I am spending a lot of my time in meditation, sending Love to everyone. Instead of watching the Eclipse on Monday, I will spend the time in meditation on Love. I hope everyone will join me in this. 


Energies Affecting us in order:

We are being affected today by Solar Energies, Astrological Alignments, Cosmic Radiation, Mind Control, Electronic Harassment, ElectroMagnetic Fields, Energetic Space War, Voice of God TechnologyRadiation, Artificial Intelligence Messages, Directed Energy, 

Not affecting us today are Gamma Rays, Photon Belt, Alcyone, Cosmic Rays, Collective Consciousness, Weather Wars, Unknown Energies, Ultrasound, Satellite Terrorism, Pain Ray, Ley Line manipulation, Chemtrails, Cell Towers, Gwen Towers, HAARP, CERN and Nibiru.  

The Solar Energies can cause headache, increased aches and pains, vision issues, heart palpitations, itchy skin, burning skin, hot flashes, sweating, digestive issues, foot pain, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and inability to sleep.    

Please see previous Reports for suggestions for treating any symptoms and other information. 



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