Energy / Emotional Healing

All healing is emotional healing.

No matter what symptoms we have, science has proven that there is an emotion that caused it to start. Finding that stuck emotion and releasing the energy will allow us to heal physically and emotionally.

Energy/Emotional Healing can help with:Energy/Emotional Healing

  • Chronic Pain

  • Stubborn Health Issues

  • Grief Problem

  • Depression

  • Anxiety issues

  • and many other health problems!

The exclusive Alternative Energy/Emotional Healing Techniques that I use will help you to heal your body, mind and spirit.  Together, we’ll create a healing plan that best fits your needs.

Here are just a few benefits you will get from these sessions:

You will feel:Energy/Emotional Healing

  • Stronger
  • Less Pain
  • Happier
  • More Peaceful
  • In Control

Previous Clients have:

  • Healed fear and shame from childhood
  • Learned to control chronic pain
  • Healed from depression
  • Opened their hearts
  • Learned powerful self-healing techniques

These Sessions Are For You If:

  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • You are ready to feel more peaceful
  • You want to increase your personal power
  • You want to heal your core issues


The Transformative Energy/Emotional Healing Package consists of 12 Energy/Emotional Healing Sessions valued at $1800.00 but you can now get it for only $1000.00!

Order a Transformative Energy/Emotional Healing Package


The Energy/Emotional Healing Breakthrough Package consists of 3 Energy/Emotional Healing Sessions valued at $600.00 but you can now get it for only $275.00!

Energy/Emotional Healing Breakthrough Package


Although the Transformative Healing Package will get you the most results in your life, a single Energy/Emotional Healing Session is great for healing simple issues. That’s why for a limited time I have decided to offer single Energy/Emotional Healing Session for only $125.00!

Order an Energy/Emotional Healing Session




“Wow! Claudia you are amazing! I cannot believe it, but the pain in my leg is totally gone! Thank you!” ~ C.M. 


“Claudia’s loving healing energy totally changed my life. I cannot describe what a positive effect she has had on my life through the years.” ~ G.M.


“Thank you… I did notice today on several occasions today that I felt more peaceful just out of the blue. Thoughts that I’ve had about recent close relationships aren’t emotionally binding me and weighing me down like they would normally do… it’s like I’m looking at them differently without guilt – is this perhaps part of the healing you’ve helped me with? Is this normal? I have always had issues with being afraid, breaking out of my routines & guilt. I feel a little weird too – a kind of settled, happier feeling, not so edgy.” S.D.


“I am so amazed at the changes Claudia created in my life through Alternative Spiritual Energy Healing! Years of emotional issues disappeared almost like magic. I feel so blessed to have been led to Claudia!” T.M.

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