Energetic Clearing Technique to Stop Mind Control

Our world is in chaos right now, especially in the United States. People, especially ‘Lightworkers’ are angry, hateful and acting out of character. In many of my Energy Report’s recently, the strongest thing we are being affected by is Mind Control. People like to think it does not exist, or they are immune to it, but that is far from the Truth.

Mind Control has been used on humanity for eons in one way or another. Advertising is a form of mind control. Subliminal suggestions are used in movies, television programs, commercials and ads to control us.

There are even more sophisticated methods of Mind Control today. Cell towers, which are everywhere now, even in some Church steeples, are perfect for sending energy to affect us. Mobile HAARP units are also used. Voice of God Technology sends messages directly into someone’s mind, making them think it is God, and Angel, Guide, etc. Almost all of the channelers today are actually getting their information through this Technology.

Below is the Energetic Clearing Technique to Stop Mind Control. Repeat it until you feel more clear headed. Do this at least daily, or more often if you feel the need.

“I ask my Spirit, to go throughout time, through my ancestry, through my soul’s lineage, through my soulEnergetic Clearing Technique to Stop Mind Control  by Claudia McNeely contracts, through all of my aspects and locate all causes, signs, symptoms, side effects, predispositions to and damage from all the ways and all the reasons me or any of my aspects feel or have ever felt that my mind is being controlled by outside forces, that my thoughts are not my own, that I have been brainwashed, that control of my mind is no longer mine, that others are controlling my emotions and any similar feeling, thought or emotion.

Take my Higher Self and every aspect of my being to the very first incident that caused this issue to start. Analyze every aspect of it and heal it perfectly, permanently and completely.

Come throughout time, through my ancestry, through my soul’s lineage, through my soul contracts, through all of my aspects, healing each incident based upon the foundation of the first, until I am at the present filled with light, love, peace and truth. I am in control of my mind. I can think for myself. I regain control of my mind, thoughts and emotions. My mind and thought are protected at all times, and any attempt to control my mind or thoughts fails.

Know that every negative thought or inappropriate behavior based on this issue quickly disappears. Take all the time you need Spirit, but quicken time and do the job NOW.

Thank you, Spirit.”

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