Embracing Our Shadow

Many in the metaphysical communityYin Yang by Denise Wells teach that we should learn to overcome our shadow. Our shadow is the dark side of us, the side of us which feels anger, hatred, jealousy and other emotions. We are taught that to overcome our shadow, we must learn to avoid these emotions. I do not agree with this.

Our shadow is a part of us. It is a part which we should embrace and love just as we love our Inner Child and other parts of ourselves. We are on this Earth to have human experiences. Part of having a human experience is to feel all ranges of emotions. By learning to embrace our shadow, we will learn to properly manage these ‘negative’ emotions.

This was shown to me during one of Samantha’s recent hospitalizations. One of the Doctors was very closed minded, unable to see any option other than immediate surgery, even though this was not in her best interest. He and his partners were short with us, rude, and expected us to accept their decision without question. To make a long story short, the Executive Administrator of the hospital released us from the hospital since this doctor would not release her and I was about to just leave the hospital with her.

Needless to say, I was very upset at this Doctor. I was angry that he had no concern for what was in Samantha’s best interest. Angry that he felt that only his opinion counted. Angry about the way he had treated us. My shadow came to the front and I experienced a whole gamut of emotions. It was very easy to wish that this man would someday have to experience the same thing that he was trying to put Samantha through.

After a few days of allowing my shadow to stomp, and curse, and wish harm on this man, I was able to release these emotions and come to an understanding. Had I refused to experience these emotions and allow them to play out, they would have been buried in my aura to cause dis-ease at some point in the future.

Instead, I released these emotions and came to the understanding that I had that experience to learn lessons. He was a wonderful teacher for me and I am thankful that he helped me to learn the lessons that I learned from him. I only hope that he learned the lessons he was meant to learn from the experience too. I am sure he has never had a patient stand up to him and refuse to comply with is expectations before!

When your shadow comes up, instead of trying to overcome it, embrace it. Love it for what it is and what it is doing for you.

May 2003 Claudia McNeely


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