Don’t Go To The Light

I watched a Star Trek episode one night which I feel is something worth thinking about. In this episode the Captain was caught in aDon't Go To The Light time loop where she died in different ways each time. At one point, a being stepped out of the Light who presented himself as her deceased father. He explained to her that she was dead and that she should move with him into the Light. She refused to accept the fact that she was dead and would not go with him. The being became angry and told her that one day he would get her to go into the Light and that he would feed on her energy for a long time. As it turned out, she was revived.

We are all taught to go to the Light, send entities to the Light, etc. I have worked a lot with beings from many different planes of existence. Many of these beings are beings of Light, but many of them are not. And just because a being comes from the Light does not mean that they are inherently good.

I have worked with beings which would be considered demonic. I have found that they are not inherently evil as many think, only different. Just as some creatures on science fiction shows eat other beings, kill for fun or seem evil, they are just being who they were created to be.

Many beings are created to be beings of Darkness. They live in darkness. That does not mean that they are evil any more than owls, bats or other nocturnal creatures are evil. There are those who will use these creatures to perform evil acts, but the creatures themselves are not evil.

If you send a creature of darkness into the Light, you are in essence torturing that being. Think how you feel when your eyes have become accustomed to darkness and then you enter a brightly lit area. For a being which has always been in darkness, this feeling of pain is extended and is torture to the being.

I heard a man speak once who had returned from being dead. He was trying to tell people in the hospital that he was alive, but they could not hear him. He at one point found himself in darkness. A bright light appeared which hurt his eyes, so he retreated back into the darkness.

This convinces me that some beings are not meant to be sent into the Light. I no longer send any being to the Light. I send it to it’s next level of development, whatever that is. And this level is not for me to decide.

We in Metaphysics have been taught to go into the Light and to ignore the Darkness. I feel that there is good in the Darkness just as there is good in the Light. We must be willing to face both instead of hiding from the Darkness. This is one secret to healing.

We also need to learn to question what we are taught, stop just blindly following what we are taught. Learn to listen to our own inner voice and follow it. Sometimes you have better luck by going against the norm as the Star Trek Captain did above.

In the movie ‘Mothman Prophesy” there is a discussion that beings who are higher than we are only able to see things from a different perspective than we do. It does not make them any more enlightened. They used the example of a window washer perched high on a building. He could see more than they could on the ground, so he would know about something happening blocks away which those on the ground wouldn’t be able to know. This does not mean that he is more ‘advanced’. It also does not mean that those on the ground are less advanced.

Remember this as you encounter beings of Light and Darkness. A being of Darkness can be more advanced than a being of Light.


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