DHEA, Progesterone and Pregnenolone levels decline dramatically as we age and are associated with many of the diseases of aging. However, when these precursors are restored to youthful levels, the result is a broad spectrum of benefits. Over 4,000 articles in the scientific literature point to the benefits.

When proportionally more estrogen than progesterone is present in the body, Estrogen Dominance occurs which increases the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

DHEA Cream for Women is a special formulation of DHEA, Progesterone, Pregnenolone and Chrysin. It is designed in proportions especially for women who want to maintain hormone levels of a healthy, young woman, and minimize the diseases of aging associated with low hormone levels.

D-35 Complex DHEA Gel has been formulated to provide a superior synergistic effect in men.

Massage into soft areas of the skin, such as upper chest, inner arms, abdomen, inner thighs or behind the knees. Rotate sites to avoid saturation. Apply 1/4 tsp. of the gel once daily as needed.