Christmas in the Higher Dimensions


Christmas in the higher dimensions feels very different than the 3D holiday that we grew up with. I first noticed a differenceChristmas in the Higher Dimensions by Claudia McNeely in 2006, and every year it gets stronger.

Christmas is a very 3rd Dimensional holiday. The focus is on buying presents, spending money we don’t have for things people really don’t need. It has always been very commercialized, as are all of our holidays, designed to keep us stuck in the 3rd Dimensional energies. As long as we are stressed about shopping, getting the right gifts and spending time with people we would prefer to avoid; it is difficult to raise our vibration. 

It is even worse this year with all the anger and fear about the elections in the US. Too many in the Spiritual community have gotten caught in those lower energies, and the Christmas Holiday has brought them even lower.

Too many of us have forgotten that all is in Divine Order. 

It is possible to keep our vibration high while celebrating the Holidays. All we have to do is to stay in our heart, and see everything with Love. 

What is stressing you out? Take a deep breath and ask yourself if it is really worth stressing about.

Is it helping you to stress about getting enough money to buy Johnny the latest, expensive toy? Will it really hurt him not to get it?

Is it helping you to stress about having dinner with Aunt Maude and enduring hours of questions about why you are not married? What would happen if you didn’t go?

Is it helping you to stress about cooking a meal for 30 people? What would happen if you didn’t?

The world will not end if we stop stressing ourselves out. 

If you have a large family, choose names so everyone only has to buy one present. Make gifts for each other instead of buying them. Invite fewer people and cook less food.

Buy nothing and just enjoy spending time with people you love.

We are at a very crucial time energetically. It is essential that everyone keep their focus in their heart and feel Love for everyone and everything. Yes, we need to love Aunt Maude, drunk Uncle Bob and even Donald Trump.

So many in the Spiritual community talk about Love and Light, but unfortunately don’t walk their talk.

It is time to actuChristmas in the Higher Dimensions by Claudia McNeelyally Love, to Love everyone, and everything, even if it is unlovable. That is the only way we will be able to make the jump in vibration when the time arrives.

Allow yourself to enjoy the Holidays in Peace.

I wish you Happy Holidays, Blessed Yule, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.



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