Chakra Healing – Sacral/Spleen Chakra


The Spleen Chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra is located 2″ below the navel. The color of this Chakra is orange. The parts of the body affected by this Chakra are theChakra Healing - Sacral/Spleen Chakra reproductive system, the sexual organs, and the lumbar plexus. The gland affected by this Chakra is the Gonads.

This Chakra relates to our sense of taste and appetite. This applies to the physical levels as well as the more spiritual sense of loving and enjoying life. Our well-being, our sense of sexuality and our permission to give ourselves prosperity and abundance are all focused in this chakra. From this chakra we are able to create – a life as well as other manifestations.

This Chakra is associated with the emotional body and our willingness to feel our emotions.

Illnesses associated with this Chakra are Kidney weakness, constipation, muscle cramps, lack of energy, allergies, and loss of weight. Excessive energy in this Chakra make people emotionally explosive, overly ambitious, manipulative, caught up in illusions, overindulgent, and they see people as sex objects.

The dysfunctional archetype of the Sacral Chakra is the Martyr. The Martyr does take a greater degree of responsibility for itself than the Victim of the Root Chakra, but it is not strong enough in its sense of self to be empowered or vitalized. The martyr lets its energy dissipate by always seeking approval and helping others. The martyr’s life is full of suffering. Whatever the situation, the Martyr is unable to liberate its heavily negative attitudes toward life and create the joy and happiness it so desperately desires.

This archetype feels helpless to change its situation. It does not feel entitled to personal happiness and can suffer for years, unable to change its life patterns. The Martyr relinquishes its claim to happiness in order to maintain peace, stability and balance for others. This can be at the detriment of its own mental and emotional health and physical well-being. Usually the Martyr feels it is doing the right thing for children, spouse or parents by living an incomplete and unfulfilled life, and suffering at the expense of its own creativity and personal well-being. There is also a deep sense of guilt as the Martyr believes it deserves the suffering.

Chakra Healing - Sacral/Spleen ChakraThe functional archetype of the Sacral Chakra is the Empress/ Emperor. The Empress/Emperor represents both worldly power and earthly pleasure. It is the archetype of people who love feeling well and who thoroughly enjoy life. It is comfortable with abundance, prosperity and success. It has a strong sense of life and a gusto for pleasure and fun. People who identify with this archetype have the attitude that there is always enough and that they will always be provided for.

Crystals to balance the Sacral Chakra are Carnelian, Coral and Amber. These stones can be carried in a pocket, placed in the area of the Sacral Chakra or made into an essence.

Imagine your Sacral Chakra. The color of this chakra should be a beautiful, clear orange. If you see any other color, remove it and imagine the chakra being filled with orange energy. Once you are able to imagine the proper color filling this chakra, imagine it spinning in a clockwise direction. Spin it faster and faster as you fill it with orange energy.

Use the ‘Energetic Clearing Technique‘ to work on your feelings of being a martyr – the sense of helplessness, guilt, and any other emotions connected with this chakra.

Use these techniques to balance and heal your Sacral Chakra. Do the exercises daily. You may be surprised at the changes you experience.


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