Can Your Inner Child Come Out to Play?


Do you remember how simple it was being a kid? No responsibilities, no worries, just playing and having fun. Can Your Inner Child Come Out To Play? by Claudia McNeely

As an adult, we worry about the mortgage, paying bills on time, having food to eat, providing for our family, and on and on…

Where have those carefree days gone? When did life get so difficult? When did you stop having fun?

Being a grown up is not fun at all. We get so caught up in our responsibilities that we forget what it is like to have fun. We can’t even remember what it feels like. To our Inner Children, we have become real ‘fuddy-duddies’.

Can your Inner Child Come Out To Play? Can you allow your child to come out even for a moment?

Can you commit to setting aside a little time each day to allow your Inner Child to have some fun?

It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, 10 minutes would be enough to change your whole outlook.

What was it that you enjoyed doing as a child? Did you enjoy drawing or coloring? What about blowing bubbles? Playing Hop Scotch? Playing in the Park? Tossing a ball?

You can still do these things! Even as an adult, doing these things that you enjoyed so much as a child can still be fun.

With Spring having arrived, my Inner Child has been begging to come out. I recently purchased a ‘bubble sword’ from the store which makes really big bubbles. Only a few minutes of blowing bubbles was enough to make my Inner Child much happier.

Make a visit to your local toy department and see what wonderful things you can find to play with. They have lots of fun things – paddle balls, sidewalk chalk, crayons, balls, etc. Choose some toys to play with and make your Inner Child smile.

Set aside a few minutes each day to do something fun. Give your Inner Child a break from the drudgery. See what a difference it makes in your productivity and how much more you will be able to get accomplished.

So, can your Inner Child come out to play?

Share below your Inner Child’s favorite way to play.


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