Calling All Lightworkers, Time To Re-center 

Calling All Lightworkers, Time To Re-center In the mid 90’s, humanity was very close to making the transition into higher vibrations. We were working worldwide to heal the environment, there was a worldwide peace movement, people were becoming more spiritual. We had a Presidential Candidate who was environmentally friendly and very spiritual. We were very close to the ‘hundredth monkey’ level which would catapult us into the higher dimensions. Unfortunately, the ‘Dark Forces’ could not allow that to happen. Although Al Gore won the popular vote, the ‘Powers That Be’ put George Bush into the Presidency instead. Shortly after, the worst disaster in our history occurred which threw the entire world into the lower vibrations of fear.

The attack at the World Trade Center caused a rift in the veil allowing dark energies to enter our dimension. Many Lightworkers at the time worked to heal the rift and remove the darkness. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in removing enough of the dark energies and fear. Many of these dark entities still reside at Ground Zero.

At that time, I wrote an article ‘Focus on Love in This Time of Tragedy’. In that article, I urged Lightworkers to stay centered in Love and not to give into the fear. I knew that it was essential at that time that we keep our vibrations high, instead many of us slowly fell into the lower vibrations of fear and depression.

The ‘Powers That Be’ played on our fears. We were kept in fear of another attack at any minute. We were kept in fear about our economy. A war was started which further spread fear into the consciousness around the Earth. There were natural disasters worse than anything we could ever imagine. The lower vibrations of fear spread throughout the world until it encompassed most of us in a deep depression.

I fully admit to being one of those who sank into the depths of the lower vibrations. I was depressed, angry, afraid. I did not see how we could ever overcome this darkness and return to the higher vibrations where we had been before. I saw no way to stop our Earth from being destroyed by these dark energies. I, as many other Lightworkers did, gave up. I saw no way to win this battle between Light and Dark. I felt that we had lost.

Now, it is time for Lightworkers to re-center and regroup. It is time for us to wake up. It is time for us to raise our vibrations back to the level that they were at before this darkness descended upon us. It is time to bring Light back onto the Earth to remove the darkness that has plagued us. It is time for us to remember who we are and why we are on Earth at this time.

We came to Earth at this time to usher humanity into the higher dimensions. We knew when we accepted this assignment that it would not be an easy battle. We knew that the Dark Forces would do anything to stop us. So, why were we so surprised when it happened? Why did we give in to the darkness? Why didn’t we remember who we are?

Part of Ascension is being able to move up or down in vibration without forgetting who we are. Being Immortal means that we can retain our memories from lifetime to lifetime. We cannot be beaten if we do not forget. Thankfully, enough Lightworkers were able to stay centered so that the Dark Forces could not win. They sent enough Light into the World that the Dark Forces are having a hard time keeping control. Every day, more and more of us are coming out of our ‘funk’ and remembering why we are here. We are realizing that we will win this battle and help humanitymove into the higher dimensions.

We are in a very important energy period through June 6, 2006; the energy of 06/06/06 or if you prefer 666. Numerologically, this is a 9, or completion. It is time for us to complete what we have begun. So, wake up, stretch a little and remember who you are and why you are here at this important time in history. Get prepared to rebuild the ‘hundredth monkey’ energy and Ascend.

  copyright May 2006 Claudia McNeely



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