August Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, New Moon Solar Eclipse and Being Love


Much ado is being made about the August Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse. There is article after article on social media telling us what to expect, what we should do and how we should act. Too many of them miss the true power August Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, New Moon Solar Eclipse and Being Love by Claudia McNeely of these eclipses.

They talk about being kind to ourselves and others, being okay with being stuck and not pushing ourselves.

They talk about how Mercury Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde and other astrological alignments will affect us.

They talk about all of the changes that can happen and the Truths that will be coming to the surface individually, globally and universally. They make guesses about how these Truths can affect us in the US, since the Solar Eclipse will be moving across the middle of the Country. This highlights many scenarios that can happen – Trump being impeached; Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Podesta and others being arrested for pedophilia; Loretta Lynch arrested for lying under oath; James Comey being arrested for lying under oath and leaking information; and so many other possibilities.

They talk about possible Earth changes that can occur.

August Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, New Moon Solar Eclipse and Being Love by Claudia McNeelyMany are spreading Fear and Hate in an attempt to keep us separated and fighting with each other. Unfortunately, too many are falling for this divide and conquer technique. So many are caught up in hating Trump, hating Hillary, arguing about healthcare, arguing about vaccines, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, keeping transvestites out of bathrooms, hating Muslims, and so many other things.

The Dark Government, is filled with the Elite/Cabal who want to control all of humanity. They want to reduce the population by 75%, which they are attempting through dangerous vaccines that cause sterility and diseases that lead to death. These people worship Lucifer, sacrifice children and do other unspeakable things that cause fear in many.

All of this is being done to keep us from the ONE thing we DO need to focus on, which is simply LOVE. It is important that we simply open our hearts and LOVE.

We must LOVE all that is unlovable in our world, instead of letting the Dark Forces pull us into negative emotions.

It is essential that we focus only on Love for the remainder of this month. We must not allow anything to pull us out of Love, because there will be many efforts made, even to the point of a major ‘terrorist attack’.

We must stay focused on LOVE at all times. Focus on everyones heart being opened, and send LOVE to everyone.

Send Love to our government to do what is right for the people for a change. Send Love to the Earth to keep downAugust Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, New Moon Solar Eclipse and Being Love by Claudia McNeely the Earth changes. Send Love to the Sun so it will be gentle with its Flares and Winds. Send Love to the Universe and all who live ‘out there’.

I recommend staying off of social media and spending time in meditation instead. Imagine LOVE spreading from person to person throughout the Earth. Imagine Peace enveloping the Earth and the end to all war. Imagine us all having our needs met. Surround everything and everyone with Love.

If enough of us can open our hearts and spread Love to everyone and everything, we can create unimaginable change in our world for the remainder of this year.

Are you willing to accept my challenge to BE LOVE?




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  1. Dr. Schavi Ali

    Blessings to you! Yes, we need to send LOVE into the cosmos, not fear and trepidation. I suggest that everyone wear Rose oil, a Rose Quartz gemstone (yes, guys too!), and that we all chant the mantra “AHAM PREMA” which translates from Sanskrit into English as “I AM DIVINE LOVE”. Along with your suggestion of visualizing the Earth surrounded in love, we can create a collective powerful vibrational frequency of peace, health, and joy too. NAMASTE!

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