Attract Your Dream Relationship With Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction

Attract Your Dream Relationship With Feng Shui and the Law of AttractionOn Valentine’s Day, our thoughts turn to our desire to have a significant other in our life. We feel the loneliness more at this time of year. We wonder when and if we will ever meet that special someone. If we are in a relationship, we may become aware of how things have become strained between us.

At this time, we need to take action instead of worrying (prayer for what we don’t want) about it.

Feng Shui has become very popular in the west and is being used more and more to assist us in making desired changes in our lives. It is the ancient Chinese art of placement and energy flow. There are many different schools of Feng Shui. I prefer the Black Hat Method and have been using it for many years.

By making changes to your house, your decorations, the placement of your furniture, etc., you can bring desired changes into your life. Each area of our life is represented by an area, or gua, of our home and property.

In Feng Shui, your house is divided into 9 guas, 3 in each direction. To find the Relationship area of your house using the Black Hat School, stand at the front door of your house facing the house. The area of the house that is at the back right is your Relationship Gua. You can also find the Relationship Gua of each room by standing in the doorway that is used to enter the room.

Pay special attention to what is in that area of your house or rooms. Is there a bathroom there? Then you relationships will be going down the drain. Is there a closet there? Then your relationships will be in the closet. Is that area missing from your house and actually outside? This can be a big problem. Is the area full of clutter? Your relationships will be cluttered too.

There are many ways to correct this area of your house and rooms. The main area to correct is the main Relationship Gua of your house. If this falls outside your house, place things outside in what would be the Relationship area in an attempt to make it part of your house. Put a nice table with 2 chairs, plant flowers in colors of pink, red or white, pairs of things or things that represent love to you.

If your relationship area is a bathroom, put a faceted lead crystal over the toilet and drains in the room to keep the energy from going down the drain. If it is in a closet, put mirrors on the outside of the closet to pull the energy into the room.

If you have a problem with the main Romance Gua of your house, then it is very important to work on the Romance Gua of your living room and bedroom very heavily.

There are many things that are useful in the Relationship Guas of your house. Anything that is pink, red or white is useful here. Putting things in pairs is important. Two swans, two roses, a picture of two lovers or anything to you that represents romance. Wind chimes and faceted lead crystals are also good corrections to use.

Once you have improved the energy of all the Relationship Guas of your house, it is important to put the Law of Attraction into use. Decide what you want in a mate, put it into writing so that you can become focused. Know that this person will come into your life. Do not have any doubts about it.

Instead of focusing on not having a relationship, focus on the relationships that you do have. Be grateful for your friends and your family. What you are grateful for increases, so you will create more friends and when the time is right, even a romantic relationship.

Burning pink candles can also help to bring love into your life. Use these suggestions and watch all your relationships improve.


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