Are You Fighting Change Instead of Embracing It?

The last several months have been a time of major changes for many of us. A great number of souls made their transitions recently. ItSamantha McNeely is as if there was a wave of souls who ascended or moved to the other side to complete their missions. There have been earth changes, new wars, unemployment, repossessions, evictions and so many more changes.

Change is hard for us humans. We like things to stay the same, we like our ruts. So many of us fight change. We hold on with our fingernails until we simply cannot hold on any longer before we finally enter the door Spirit has opened for us. A few of us open the door for ourselves and then jump, not knowing where we will land.

Twenty two years ago, Samantha entered my life like a whirlwind, turning it upside down, inside out and head over heels. Every time I regained my footing, she would do it to me again. Last month, she once again turned my life upside down, inside out, and head over heels. I am still trying to regain my footing.

For most of Samantha’s life, we had nurses, caregivers, therapists, etc. in the house. There was always someone coming or going, lots of noise and chaos. Samantha loved chaos! Now, all that has stopped. The house is too quiet and too peaceful. I have spent time totally alone for the first time in about 15 years. Talk about creepy! I am embracing this as an opportunity to get to know myself again. I am meditating more, reading more, spending time creating the new me who is someone other than “Samantha’s Mother”.

Our finances have changed, our family dynamics have changed, everything that could change has changed. I am working really hard to embrace these changes with joy and anticipation. I am doing my best to help Spirit open new doors for me. I keep reminding myself to breathe. I am learning a major lesson in Trust.

Many of us are experiencing this lesson in Trust right now. As we move into the 5th dimension, we will be able to create anything we desire if we can only Trust. This is not always an easy lesson to learn. I thought I had it mastered while Samantha was alive, but Samantha saw it differently. She once again showed me that I really didn’t have it down as well as I thought. When we feel we have mastered our lessons, there is always another level we can reach. Samantha has always led me to those deeper levels.

I am lucky to know lots of really effective healing techniques that I can use to assist myself during this major transition, which makes the transition a lot easier. Not everyone has this knowledge. If you are experiencing your own whirlwind, I can help to make the transition easier for you with a Heart and Soul Healing Session.

July 2006 Claudia McNeely

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