All Healing Is Emotional Healing


Every emotion you have ever felt is lodged somewhere in your body or aura. When you were conceived did you feel All Healing Is Emotional Healing by Claudia McNeely unwanted because your parents wanted a child of the opposite sex? This emotion has been lodged somewhere in your body ever since you experienced it. Were you teased by your classmates in school? This emotion of not being good enough has been stuck in your body since you were a child.

What happens to these emotions? They stay there and fester year after year, expanding every time you feel the same or a similar emotion. Eventually they become headaches, depression, arthritis, cancer and numerous other dis-eases.

All illness has an emotional beginning. Headaches can be caused by an inability to resolve emotional upsets, hurt feelings which have gone unexpressed, or your inability to face an issue. Arthritic hands can be caused by severe self-criticism or criticism of others. Being overweight can be your body’s response to feeling a need for protection or hidden anger. Low back pain reflects concern with financial support.

Are these emotions destined to become disease? Not if you face the emotion and release it, letting it go completely. There are as many techniques for releasing these emotions as there are healers. Sometimes the emotion can be released with one session, but usually it must be peeled away much like an onion. A person usually feels safer dealing with the least intense emotions first, eventually getting to the deepest hidden causes of the emotion and letting it go. This letting go of long buried emotions can totally change your life as well as your health.

copyright 2000 by Claudia McNeely

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