About Claudia – How She Can Help You to Transform Your Heart, Soul and Life Through Gentle Emotional and Energy Healing

Like you, I have had a life filled with drama, tragedy and joy. I have experienced a lot of majorClaudia McNeely issues with my health, my relationships and my emotions. I could have allowed any one of these events to destroy me, but instead I chose to learn from them and grow past them.

When I was 21, I experienced some traumatic life events. My Mother entered the hospital with some minor health issues. The doctor talked her into having surgery and 30 long days later she died. We later learned that she had several infections when they did the surgery, which ravaged  her body. I did not have the spiritual knowing then that I do now, and was devastated by her loss. When she did appear to me shortly after her death, I was terrified instead of comforted. I was in a deep depression for at least 5 years, and developed agoraphobia. I could not drive and going out in public was very traumatic for me.

I was also in an automobile accident during that time, which injured my upper back and caused me to experience chronic pain. The doctors never could find a physical cause of the injury, so told me it was all in my head. Of course, it was actually all in the muscles and connective tissue, but that did not show up on the x-rays.

My only desire in life, at that point, was to be a Mother. I had a miscarriage at almost 4 months, then was unable to get pregnant again. It tore at my heart every time I saw someone with a baby. My life felt incomplete, I was not able to live my purpose.

After 11 years and taking fertility drugs, I finally succeeded in becoming pregnant. I was thrilled. I was also very sick for many months. In my 6th month, we were in a head on collision, which threw me into the dashboard and windshield. The impact actually pushed the dashboard into the engine compartment. Samantha and I were both lucky to survive. The impact had broken my pelvis, which put me to bed for much of the rest of my pregnancy. I also had fractured ribs and facial lacerations. Luckily there was a Plastic Surgeon in the Emergency Room who put my face back together with little scarring.

When I was finally able to move around again, I had to use a walker. This was very embarrassing for me, being huge pregnant and using a walker like an old woman. I did graduate to a cane by the time I delivered.

As I recovered, I noticed that Samantha would shiver at times. I mentioned it to the doctor, but he passed it off as nothing.

Samantha McNeely

When Samantha was born, almost 4 weeks early, she was whisked off to the Pediatric ICU immediately. It was very physically painful for me to stand by Samantha’s crib. I was not yet healed myself. I had been thrust into a reality that was totally foreign to me. The panic attacks were almost constant, and I was terrified that I would drop Samantha when I held her.

Once she was able to breathe room air, they were finally able to do a CT Scan of her brain. We learned that she had a stroke at the time of the accident. Because a fetus’ blood does not clot, and blood destroys brain tissue, for the 2 months after the accident, the blood ate away most of her brain. The doctor told us that she only had a brain stem, that she would never be able to do anything and that we needed to put her in a nursing home and walk away.

I was beyond devastated.

Luckily, there was another doctor there who had a patient similar to Samantha, whose parents were caring for him at home. We were able to visit with them and learned that we could bring Samantha home and care for her. So, I finally was a Mother, but definitely not as I expected.

This started a life altering adventure for me, in a realm of the disabled child that I had not known existed. Our days were filled with doctor visits, surgeries, therapy and stress.

Samantha was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I realized that the shivers I had felt after the accident were seizures. She was also legally blind due to hydrocephalous. When she was 3, she began to have constant pneumonias. Almost monthly I was told to prepare myself because she was not going to survive this time, but she was not finished here.

I longed to have a ‘normal’ child. I tried again for several years to get pregnant, but the fertility drugs were not working. I was very close to 35 years of age, an age that I felt was too old to have any more children. So, I resigned myself to not having another child After a time, I realized that I had been really nauseated for a couple of weeks, and decided just for the fun of it to see the doctor and have blood drawn for a pregnancy test. I was shocked and thrilled when I learned I was 3 months pregnant! I was very nervous during this pregnancy. I was terrified that something would happen again. We monitored Christopher very closely throughout the pregnancy having lots of tests and scans to make sure he was developing properly. I was blessed with a wonderful son who has been an amazing light in my life! Samantha was not happy about sharing me with him and threw a 2 hour tantrum when she realized he was there to stay.

Samantha helped me to step onto the path that I am on now. I learned about healing so that I could help her to be as healthy as possible. I learned techniques that allowed me to learn to communicate with her using a pendulum, and later a very strong psychic connection.

As I began to learn techniques for healing, I used them on myself as well as Samantha. I healed the agoraphobia, and reduced the chronic back pain. With this knowledge, I helped Samantha to live 15 years longer than the doctors expected her to. It was, and is, an amazing journey. I faced a very difficult 22 years with Samantha, but I would not trade the experience.

Samantha was a very advanced Soul, who I was blessed to share those yearsSamantha McNeely with. She was incredibly psychic, and could manifest anything she wanted, when she wanted it. She was on the best programs available to provide for her needs. She had the best caregivers and nurses available. She could not control much in her life, but she could control her body. She would will herself to get sick when it suited her, and will herself to get well just as quickly. Even her doctor commented that she could make the machines we used to monitor her read whatever she wanted them to.

She loved scaring her caregivers, making them think she was dying. When they called her bluff, she would laugh and stop scaring them. Even though she could only say a few words, she managed to communicate when she wanted to. She knew much more then people realized. No matter how sick she was, she always managed to smile.

In 2001, I fell on icy steps, rupturing disks in my back and neck. For a year, I was unable to get out of bed. For several years, I needed assistance to walk. For many more years, I was unable to walk up inclines or steps without assistance. It has been necessary to use a motorized wheelchair when much walking was involved, but today, I can walk on my own again without assistance for several blocks. Any further, and I still have to use my scooter. I continue to have trouble with inclines, but I can do them alone.

In 2006, Samantha’s job here was done. Even though I had 22 years to prepare, I was not ready to lose her. She was my life. She continued to communicate with us from the moment she left her body. The morning after her transition, she helped one of my clients teach a seminar, which was verified by several psychics who were there. She did not want us to grieve for her, she wanted us to be happy for her, so she sang songs to us off key. ‘It’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to.’ she sang often. She has played tricks on us and helped us to heal. Our experiences with her from the Other Side have been amazing and very enlightening.

When Samantha left, I wanted to go with her, but I had to stay here for Christopher. I kept my focus on Now, and used theEnergetic Clearing Technique when the grief overwhelmed me. This helped me to survive the worst thing that a parent can experience.

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and the doctors have tried to diagnose me with Multiple Sclerosis, but I refuse to do the testing. With the same healing techniques I use with my clients, I am able to manage my own chronic pain with little pain medication.

I am very thankful for the healing techniques I have learned, and to Samantha for all that she taught me. I love helping my clients to overcome their own emotional issues and pain.

I have overcome physical pain, emotional pain and the death of my daughter using the same techniques I use with my clients. I know they will work for you! Order a Heart and Soul Healing Session and see for yourself!