9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology With Dr Judy Wood


On the morning of September 11, 2001, many of us lost our innocence about the corruption of the US government. As we watched the Twin Towers come down, and thousands of people die, we were horrified. The moment I saw George Bush’s face when the Secret Service told him what happened, I turned to my daughter’s Nurse and said, ‘He knows that we did that.’ Sometimes being a Psychic can truly suck.

The look on his face was not one of surprise, but of ‘Oh, shit. We pulled it off, now what am I supposed to do.’

Of course, what he did was to quickly start with Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and the need to attack Iraq. Bills were quickly passed to remove as many of our rights as possible, with no one complaining, because we needed to be protected after all.

We have spend all these years trying to figure out how 2 airplanes could cause those buildings, which were supposedly built to withstand just such an event, to free fall as they did. Unfortunately, many today still believe the official story without question.

Thankfully, many of us know better.

This video is long, but she gives the most detailed information about that day that I have ever heard. She shows us exactly what happened, and shows us things we probably never noticed before. Enjoy and feel free to post your comments below for discussion.



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